Server/Network Enclosures & Racks

Server/Network Enclosures & Racks enable you to store, cool, power, manage and secure your critical IT equipment.

Airflow Management Solution Contain the heat and extract it directly back to the CRAC with our patented Heat Containment System (HCS) and use airflow managers, for switches and network devices, to ensure an effective rack hygiene methodology.


10 kW Tower of Cool

10 kW Tower of Cool
Featuring patented High Delta Temperature Cooling (HDTC) Technology, the Tower of Cool provides maximum integrity for up to 10kW of equipment.

Paramount® Enclosures

Paramount® Enclosures
This scalable enclosure system provides unmatched reliability to better store, cool, power, manage and secure your mission-critical electronics and servers.

Vantage™ Enclosures

A flexible enclosure with broad applications offering custom configured solutions, Vantage Enclosures allow you to store mission-critical servers, hubs, routers and more.

Vantage S2™

Vantage S2
Designed to meet the demanding needs of today's data centers.

Arion : 19

Arion : 19 " Rack
Vendor neutral and highly versatile 19 " rack provides quality solutions for a wide variety of IT and Data Center applications.

Heat Containment System™

Heat Containment System
Heat Containment System (HCS) is a simple, scalable, and low cost solution to more effectively manage the ever-increasing heat loads in today's Data Center.