Quality mobile furnishings designed for a wide variety of work environments.

Specialty Carts




Storage Cart


Network Cart


Analytical Cart

Multipurpose storage cart, you can choose from a menu of standard components to custom configure a cart that works for you.



Network Cart provides a mini data center on wheels. Custom configure your cart for monitors, servers, power strips and UPS’s. A perfect solution as a data center crash carts too.


  The perfect complement to our freestanding lab furniture systems, the Analytical Cart provides mobility for computers, electronics, technical equipment and instrumentation.


 Office Carts

Peripheral Cart



Transporter Cart       PC Cart

Peripheral Cart




PC Cart

Supports laser printers, scanners, workstation servers, fax machines and small copiers.



Maximizes the use of vertical space to
transport technical hardware including monitors, peripherals, printers and common office equipment.


Provides ergonomic accommodation for personal computers, printers, peripherals.


Training Carts




Training Station


Stand-Up Cart


Graphics and CAD Cart

Provides ample desktop space for a large monitor and reference materials



Provides a walk-up workstation for a variety of applications



Accommodates large dual CRT or flat screen monitors


Video Conferencing Carts




Presentation Cart


Video Conference Cart



When conference rooms are at a premium, our

Presentation Cart provides an efficient means of transporting your audio visual equipment wherever your meeting is being held.



Our Video Conferencing cart is the perfect complement to the proliferation of telecommuting and long-distance learning activities in today’s workplace.