Cooling Distribution/ Environment Monitoring

Cooling Distribution / Environment Monitoring

Containment System

With heat loads exceeding 8 kW per rack enclosure, separation of the hot exhaust air and the cool supply air is critical to ensure a predictable and stable cooling environment for your datacom systems.

By utilizing the highest efficiency fans and fan controllers, Wright Line cooling systems have the highest cooling capacity per unit of power and conform to ASHRAE accepted airflow distribution methods.

Upgrading your cooling capability is simple with Wright Line. Wright Line cooling systems are always designed to be compatible with Vantage™ or Paramount® enclosures already deployed in your data centers.

Patented Heat Containment System

One of Wright Line's notable products is a patented heat containment system which uses a "chimney" to remove air directly from a server cabinet. The Wright Line HCS captures heat exhaust from IT equipment to the top rear of the rack enclosure, were it is ducted to the data center's air conditioning units through a ceiling plenum or hot air return. Here's a two-minute video overview of Wright Line's heat containment system:
Watch Video - Wright Line Heat Containment System

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